Other Tie-in Titles like Dark Void Zero Likely to Happen

Mike Mika from Other Ocean, developer of Dark Void Zero, talked to Gamasutra about the possibilities of more titles like Dark Void Zero.

Absolutely. When we were doing this, about halfway through we realized that this was actually turning out to be something really fun and that other people would enjoy it. For a while, we just though, “Hey, this is satisfying our geeky needs, and we don’t know how many people out there would really like it.”

But now, it’s starting to look like a lot of people like this sort of thing. And the response we’ve gotten is so positive that it’s going to be hard to think that we wouldn’t follow up with something along these lines.

Sounds like a pretty good plan to me! Dark Void Zero turned out to be quite the success and it may prove to be an even bigger success when Dark Void Zero hits PCs and iPhones on April 12th.

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