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  1. Something tells me Oculin is going to go ballistic when he says this

    Anyways, Nice vid. HnK I’ve noitced tends to have a rather good repetoire of games for an animรฉ series such as the master system beat em up, the fighting game for the PS2 made by Arc Systems who did Guilty Gear and BlazBlue and my personal favourite which is an arcade game where fight pads come at you and you have to punch them all down, so much fun (kinda wish you could have mentioned those but eh, I can’t compain)

    P.S. Love the Engrish

    P.P.S Just noticed the giant plush you have of Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece. Cool.

  2. Thanks guys! You guys are Awesome!

    I loved that fighting game that came out. I played it 2 years ago at Anime Expo.

    So I take it Oculin, likes the Fist of the North Star… cool.

    Tony Tony Chopper for the win!

    Don’t worry, I think I’ll be making “English with the Psychotaku” a staple.

    1. Noice.

      My friend has htat game on his import PS2, I went round his house and played it for a couple of hours and it was really cool.

      Although I do have to ask something out of interest, do you ever think you’ll do Sengoku Basara?

  3. Dang it Freddie! Why you gotta ruin both Bach AND astronomy for me? I mean, how can it take you 8 minutes to find the north star?! Big dipper, line, BAM Polaris.

    Awesome video once more, Psychotaku, that opening sequence remake was pure win.

    1. As much as I like Freddie, I have to agree that it shouldn’t take 8 minutes to find the north star.. But then we’ve never seen a whole episode of his so we don’t really know what he uses to fill out the time, do we? =)

      And an excellent video Psycho, it is always pleasant to come to this site and see that you have a new episode up..

  4. I’m sorry for that I’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years… ;A;
    Even though I wasn’t even born 20 years ago…
    I should get some plus points thought, because I actually recognize the main character~ o/

  5. I played the PS2 arcade game at a local arcade(So the arcade fighting game, but it’s the same game on the jp ps2). A new HnK game was released in Japan on the Ps3, thinking about getting that. Hopefully I can do custom soundtracks on it so I can put YOU WA SHOCK on repeat for the whole game.

    1. I’ve seen shots of the PS3 hokuto game. It’s basically Dynasty Warriors with Fist of the North Star. Not that I’m complaining, just the opposite.

      Oh and I hear there’s some DLC for that game that lets you play with the Anime costume. (They revamped everyone’s costume for some reason.)

    2. My friend just got the PS3 game recently. Limited edition box and all…comes with an alarm clock…now he wakes up to “ATATATATATATATATA!!!”

  6. That was awesome. What’s funny is the fact that I was watching a Let’s Play/I Played A Thing of Hokuto no Ken 2 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis a few days ago.

    Keep up the awesome work, Psychotaku!

  7. Man I remember when I saw Fist of the North Star for the first time. Me and a bunch of guys got together for beer, burgers, and hotdogs while watching anime. Good times, good times. Game looks just as over the top as the anime was.

  8. I enjoy your videos, having seen you the first time in your team-up with JewWario on the Super Sentai thing.

    However, two things kinda bugged me. First, you helped perpetuate the idea that Hokuto is the “North Star” (Sirius). Hokuto means “North Dipper” in Japanese (referring to Ursa Major), not Sirius. Second, why do you constantly leave random romanized Japanese terms in your show instead of translating them? Example: ๅŒ—ๆ–—็™พๅˆ—ๆ‹ณ -> Hundred Crack Fist of the North Dipper.

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