Rumor: Harmony of Despair an XBLA Castlevania Title; Supports 6 Players

Earlier today a website known as Never Known Tech supposedly had details and screen shots on an all new Castlevania title called Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. After some time,the content was pulled from the website. But once something leaks onto the internet, it is almost impossible to cover it up.

According to second hand sources, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is a six player XBLA Castlevania title. The title follows the 2D Metroidvania style, but has players working together to take down a target boss character.

The currently known character roster was listed as Soma Cruz, Alucard, Jonathan Morris, Shanoa, and Charlotte Aulin.

As for the graphics, it seems that we won’t be getting 2D hand drawn art. Instead, it will just be sprite art similar to the style found in the DS games.

The fact that the content was pulled is probably a good sign, but a inside source confirmed to Joystiq that the rumors are indeed true.

(Details and Art Via: Destructoid)

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