Rumor: New Resident Evil Title Heading to Wii

Rumor has it that at Capcom’s Captivate 2010 event this past week the company announced a new Resident Evil Wii title.

As of right now, almost all, if not all, details  from the event have been embargoed, so what has been announced is currently unknown.

The leak comes from a Spanish forum from a user who previously leaked a variety of details concerning last years Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles months before an official announcement confirmed them.

On Capcom’s side of things, there are a lot of rumors floating around right now. Supposedly, Devil May Cry 5 is in development alongside Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and now this.

We will have to wait a bit longer to find out any solid details from the event.

BUT! If there is a new Resident Evil title coming to Wii, I hope it is in the Resident Evil 3.5 style. I’ve been wanting a Resident Evil game like that for awhile.

Look at me, talking about my Resident Evil fantasies when the title hasn’t even been officially announced.

Is there a certain direction you would like to see a Wii version go?

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