Sketchin’!! – Banjo-Fettouhi

OH. MY. HOLY. LORDO. My computer makes me so very very angry. In the past couple of weeks it’s been so slow that I honestly can’t get any work done; New comics? No dice. New cartoons? Dream on! New ANYTHING? NOPE.

I have no idea why it’s doing this. No signs of spyware. No more open applications than usual. It just claims that anything from Firefox to Winamp to AIM is using up anywhere from 45-90% of my resources. YEAH FIREFOX IS A PRETTY HARDCORE PROGRAM, LAPTOP. IT’S PRETTY HARD TO RUN. I guess I’ll just have to get this stupid computer fixed. Again. Sadness :(In lieu of new stuff, have something dumb I scribbled one marathon. And pray for my stupid computer, because just loading up this picture to upload took way longer than it should have.


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  1. Haha, nice! My laptop doesn’t like to run Firefox, either… As you said, it’s pretty hardcore program. It runs on around 45 MB and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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