Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cosmic Guide Details and More

Along with yesterday’s trailer, Nintendo released some more details and some screen shots (which are pretty much just screen grabs from the trailer).

The return of the 2 player mode isn’t as different as we may have thought. The second player can perform a variety of actions using the secondary Luma. Player 2 can hold enemies, perform a spin attack to immobilize or knock out enemies, make Mario jump higher,  and shoot starbits. 2nd player can also use the Luma to collect starbits and coins.

Sounds a lot like the first. But the most impressive and game changing feature for the 2nd player is the ability to tickle NPCs and send cheers and other messages to player 1’s Wii Remote. Mind blowing stuff there.

Riding off of New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s Super Guide feature, the Cosmic Guide will help less skillful players complete levels.  After dying a certain amount of times or spending enough time roaming an area, The Cosmic Witch, who looks a lot like Rosalina, will appear.

Players can choose for The Cosmic Witch to play through the level for them. At any time the player can take control again by pressing the + button. But, it won’t simply be a free ride to the end. At the end of the level, players will receive a bronze star instead of a gold star.

If you don’t want to use the Cosmic Guide but still need help, you can use the Hint TV feature which shows a quick video of how to complete an area.

Nintendo also announced a few more miscellaneous details. The starship, or rather the Mario shaped planet that acts as a miniature hub world, will become populated with characters and features throughout the game. Cloud Mario can produce 3 clouds before having to collect another Cloud power up. The the game uses the exact same graphical engine as the original Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is planned for  a June 11th release date in Europe and a May 23rd release date in North America.

Screen shots are after the jump.

(Details Source: GoNintendo)

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