Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gameplay Videos, 2 Player Details, and More

The Japanese Super Mario Galaxy 2 website has quite a bit of new info and media.

First up, the website revealed details on the upgraded 2 player mode in Super Mario Galaxy 2. As in the first title, one player controls Mario using the Wii Remote and Nun-chuck while the second player assists just using a Wii Remote. This time around, the second player will play as a Luma. At this point, exactly what the second player can do is unknown. He appears to be physically in the environment, where in the first Super Mario Galaxy you were simply a star on the screen.

Story details were revealed as well.  Here is a quick summary from the website translated.

This is one more stardust fairytale. Only once in a hundred years does stardust fall on the mushroom kingdom. As such, Peach invites Mario to the castle to watch. On his way over, Mario spots a mysterious light. He cautiously approaches it, and finds… a small, lost baby star. The star – ‘Baby Chico’ – follows Mario to the castle, but what is waiting for them there is…

You can check out the new gameplay videos on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 website by clicking the top left icon on this page. There are four gameplay videos, so be sure to check them out.

Also somewhat worth noting is that the Japanese release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is shipping with a DVD titled “My First Super Mario Galaxy 2.” Based off the title, it sounds like a basic instructional DVD for new gamers. Whether it is actually a DVD or a Wii specific disc is unknown at the moment.

(Story Translation: GoNintendo)
(DVD Details Source: GoNintendo)

5 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gameplay Videos, 2 Player Details, and More”

  1. WHOA.

    Is that Dino Piranha back for more I see?! AWESOMESAUCE.

    The more I see about this game the more I get excited for it. At first I was like “don’t really care, the first one was enough”, but after seeing all the new worlds and powers and stuff, it’s right up there near the top of my Games To Get list.

  2. I was dissapointed at first when I heard there was not going to be a Hub world, but, now it will be easier to keep track of progress through the game. It also seems Mario will be using a Spaceship/Planet that is modeled after his Paper Mario face to get to galaxy to galaxy. I am very glad though they give you atleast a little bit of info about the Story 😀


  3. Actually you can watch 3 more gameplay videoes! But that’s just with the different Yoshi fruits…

    Instead of clicking the top left icon, click the green button. Then click the big button with Mario riding the blue Yoshi. Here’s 3 videos for your enjoyment!

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