Super Street Fighter IV Gets Tournament Mode DLC in June

Super Street Fighter IV launches late this month, but those planning to purchase the title have something to look forward to next month.

On June 15th, Super Street Fighter IV owners will be able to download a new “Tournament Mode” absolutely free. This mode allows for 4 or 8 players to compete in tournament brackets. Players will fight each other 1 on 1 to eventually try to become the champion of their tournament.

While your battle is not in progress, you will be able to spectate the current match and talk with the other competitors.

Capcom plans on holding special tournaments from time to time so players can get exclusive titles. Those who win these titles will have to defend it or else another will come to claim it.

Again, Tournament Mode is an absolutely free download, so everyone can enjoy it.

You can check out screen shots from the tournament mode and a new Super Street Fighter IV trailer after the jump.

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