Technical Issues Keeping Final Fantasy V and VI Remakes From DS

Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV remakes on DS were quite successful. So why not remake some more titles for the system? That is exactly what a Square-Enix fan asked Shinji Hashimoto on Twitter.

Apparently the remake might not be as simple as we may think it would be. Hashimoto replied to the fan’s question saying “For FF5 and 6, there are technical issues as well, so at present these are also undecided.

I’m not exactly sure what issues they would come across since Final Fantasy IV made quite a smooth transmission from what I understand.

(Via: andriasang)

4 thoughts on “Technical Issues Keeping Final Fantasy V and VI Remakes From DS”

  1. I can understand that FFVI would have some issues moving over, but I must admit that I”m a bit confused as to why there would be issues moving FFV over to the DS.

    Regardless, I hope they’re able to work the kinks out and get these excellent titles ported. “Undecided” still means it could happen, right?


  2. What the heck are they talking about. What possible technical issues could they have? You’re simply taking a 2d game and turning it into 3d. I understand there could be some big technical problems with some scenes and things, but seriously, I can’t think of anything that would be that big of a deal that they couldn’t change or somehow do.

    I think I speak for us all when I say I want my Final Fantasy 5 and 6 DS, and no technical problems could change that.

  3. That’s bull. If hackers can work around Nintendo’s code to get homebrew running on the DS and Wii, then surely Sqaure-Enix can find a way to REMAKE THEIR OWN GAMES.

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