Two More Employees Leave Infinity Ward; Insider Says Developer is “Dead”

A few days ago, two more employees left Infinity Ward. John Paul Messerly, Lead Character Animator, and Mark Grigsby, lead animator who each served at least five years.

With nearly a dozen employees leaving the developer, one has to wonder how this effecting the team. An insider from Activision who contacted Kotaku described the situation of the team.

They’re scared shitless,” said Kotaku’s inside source. They never saw this coming. They can’t believe what’s going on. At first they gave us some bullshit about moving up payments of all the money they owe us to sooner increments. That was when [designer] Todd [Alderman] and [engineer] Frank [Gigliotti] left. But with the announcement of Respawn and all the people leaving, they just got there heads in their hands.”

The insider said the publisher has lost their trust, and “IW as you know it is dead…and it will continue to crumble.” He expects more reports of Infinity Ward members leaving soon.

Another unnamed Infinity Wary member argued against the “dead” statement. “First off, yes, it is a shitty situation, but there are two kinds of people left: ones that are sticking it out for the money, and others who want to make something work. We are not dead, we definitely lost original team members, but not all of the talent.” He goes on to say “We are here for the long haul of keeping the Modern Warfare name alive.

What a messy situation.

(2 Leaving Source: Joystiq)

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