12 thoughts on “Vlog 4-23-10 “The TSG Machine””

  1. Awwww,it’s a Brittain-kun and Chase-kun vlog!^^

    lol friday?
    I like how the video went red screen on n off as if we’re in danger :O

    Cool machine dude! Can’t wait to see this baby working in the marathon! <3<3

  2. #1.Jagger speaks from the future! :O
    #2.Happy screenshot birthdays.
    #3.Cow your too nice.
    #4.My friends, that computer is how we start a terminator.
    #5.Also, android 19, not the best comparison, but ok….

    1. Its a Antec Nine Hundred Mid Tower with 3 120mm fans(2 in front and 1 rear) and a huge 200mm fan on top. Also have option for a additional 120mm on the side which we might add later.
      A MSI 890GXM-G65 AMD 890GX AM3 Motherboard
      AMD Phenom II X4 925 0r 945.(I forgot! :p)
      ATI Radeon HD 5770, I think a ASUS variant possibly EAH5770
      500GB 7200RPM WD Cavier Black w/ 32mb buffer
      4gbs of Kingston DDR3 Ram
      600w power supply
      LG 22x DVD-RW drive

      I think that sums it all up! Sorry i dont remember some of the small details, Tyler had the build plans already set I just helped put it together and set it up. It works all pretty good, boots up fast, runs pretty quick, and graphic card stays at cool 34* C while running several videos. Cant wait to see what we can do for the marathons. 😀

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