36 thoughts on “Vlog 4-4-10: “A Fistful of Quarters””

  1. @phil: you ate an entire watermelon… how big was it..lol

    tyler beat the game in 5 mins…awesomesauce haha..lol

    lol sounds like britt was going to sing the Happy Days intro

  2. everyone alert the media tell g4 tip off every site and digg those sites articles a week to few days leading up to the mario marathon EPIC NESS SHALL BE REVEALED

  3. One word:

    WIEEEEBEEEEEEEEE! *shakes fists*

    Only a barbarian like Wiebe can hold the Wiebe name. Steve Wiebe is just that. I look forward to see him doing stuff though during marathon~.

  4. Tyler is so good he BROKE THE [game]WORLD!

    Also: An opportunity for extra publicity! Sweet. If our man Worthington steps on it, we could have not one but TWO Twin Galaxy Record Holders at The Mario Marathon! Whoo!!

  5. Wonder if he’d make a high score on the marathon.

    Then he’d actually have made a high score on a TSG marathon. And perhaps there’s no greater glory.

  6. oh… my.. goodness… the Vlog is back!
    And Tyler, you were going so fast that the game just broke… Congrats!
    Can’t wait for the Mario Marathon now!

  7. Talk about sequence breaking, that was amazing. Tyler went from the opening scene to Dragon Roost back to the opening scene, put Link to sleep and then broke the game all in 5 minutes, bravo Tyler, I’m impressed!

  8. Say Britt/etc, you should let news/mags/sites/etc know about the Steve Weibe thing. Maybe like Slashdot… it’s got a kind of new article feel, eh?

  9. OMG BETTY WHITE IS GONNA HOST SNL ON MOTHER’S DAY?!?!? screw the mother marathon, I found something else to compulsively watch on a Saturday night! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Wow, I’m slow. I just found this! So we’ll have a better-than pro playing for the Mario Marathon? Nice!! That’ll be awesome! It’ll be cool to see a few vlogs instead of the normal blog.
    And no, Naruto-chan (HAHA), I shall not believe it. Man, he hasn’t said that in around 200 episodes… It might be a good thing.

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