7 thoughts on “Vlog 4-8-10: “The Pink Ghosts””

    1. It’s kinda of convoluted but in a stupid way. Haha. “The Pink Ghosts” was a play off of an Acorn album of the same name, which is where I got the picture for the featured carousel, but it was also supposed to somewhat reference the bios page in that we have the avatars of ourselves that disappear and reappear when people click on them…like ghosts. Pink was just referencing the color of the site.

      I wonder if that makes any sense…

  1. His YouTube page was updated to show 20. It would seem that April 8th, one week before taxes are due, in the US is in fact Master Conroy’s birthday.

    Next year, after you drag him to Texas for the Mother’s Day marathon, you should introduce him to the joys of boozahol.

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