Capcom Developing Something Titled Mega Man Online

When talking about their next fiscal year, Capcom listed a title called Mega Man Online that is planned to launch some time before March 2011 in at least one region.

Capcom didn’t reveal any details about the title itself, but they did confirm that Korean developer Neowiz Games is working on the title. Neowiz has previously worked on other online titles including Duel Gate, Battlefield Online, and Crossfire.

Capcom recently teased that a new, and “rad”, Mega Man was on the way. Shortly after, Capcom USA trademarked Mega Man Universe which sounds like it may be a possible name for a US version.

An online Mega Man title sounds interesting, but I’m not sure exactly how it would all pan out. The easy way out would say use the Battle Network series with actual online, but I’m not sure how much would have to change to create an online title.

On a side note, Mega Man DOS is best Mega Man. He is also interested in the post above him. Maybe he will get its phone number.

(Source: The Mega Man Network)

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  1. YES!! I’m hoping for a “Build your own robot master/mavrick then go play online” thing! I’d love it. Bird theme electric power. Thunder Phoenix will finally live!

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