Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light has a U.S. release date.

4 Heroes of Light will release in the North America this year on October 5th.

I am sure some of you are familiar with “4 Heroes of Light” as it was release in Japan last October. For those less familiar 4 Heroes of Light, as the name would suggest, is a throwback to the Final Fantasy of old. It has a Job system and a traditional turn-based battle-system.

It is also somewhat similar to the notorious Mystic Quest for SNES with no direct targeting and you have to hold books in your inventory for spells.

I personally am very interested to see someone take the mechanics I though were cool from Mystic Quest and make a game that isn’t for babies with them.

How many of you are interested in another DS RPG. I am already way behind after devoting 160 hours of my life to beat SMT: Strange Journey and Devil Survivor.

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7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light has a U.S. release date.”

    1. Sort of. It’s got some similarities but overall it has more in common with more complicated Final Fantasy’s, however just a bit is enough to get me to spend 40 dollars.

  1. This game sounds interesting. Shame that the more I see of this, the more I come to realize that SaGa2 won’t be coming out in English-speaking countries. But anyway, back to this. I didn’t mind Mystic Quest so much; it did a very good job at being an introduction to JRPGs. I’m fairly certain that after playing that, someone would be more than ready to take on a tougher game, perhaps like one of the early Dragon Quest games.

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