First Little Big Planet 2 Details Leaked (Update)

Little Big Planet 2 is going far and beyond the original Little Big Planet.  While the first title was mainly a platformer, Little Big Planet 2 is allows players to completely change the genre.

Game Informer Magazine, which the article was leaked from, played an RTS game Media Molecule had created for them. Media Molecule gave more examples of genres games can feature via Little Big Planet 2 including First Person Shooters, Racing, Spaceship Shooters, Puzzle games, Role Playing Games, and more.

While in the original game you were limited by mechanics, Little Big Planet 2 allows players to manipulate the mechanics of a game. Players can also expect to find improved enemy creation, sound editing, visual customization, and more. As for new features announced, there will be more gadgets, an AI editor, the ability to connect levels, and the ability to create cutscenes.

Basically, everything will be improved and be even more customizable.

The story mode was briefly mentioned. Media Molecule said that currently they plan on keeping the story mode a 2-D platformer, but that may change.

Little Big Planet 2 has yet to be announced, so this magazine article…pretty much announces it.

Update: Oh hey, look. Little Big Planet 2 was just officially announced.  You can check out the first trailer after the jump.

Little Big Planet 2 is set for Winter 2010

(Original Story Source: Destructoid)

[viddler id=33f2cc9&w=437&h=288]

Oh god, that music.

(Trailer/Announcement Source: PlayStation Blog)

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  1. I can’t wait. I was trying to make actual levels with stories in the first LittleBigPlanet but found it hard to do so, but it looks like with this it’ll be easy enough that a Marche can do it (easilier).

    And yes. That music is totally unneccessary, but something about it makes it ok.

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