Halo: Reach Launching September 14th

The Halo:Reach beta wrapped up a few days ago, so now it is time to start looking toward the future… Forest 1&2, TTF, make new gaem… okay, back to Halo. Bungie announced that the full retail version of Halo: Reach is scheduled for a September 14th launch.

As we have previously detailed, you can get Halo: Reach in three different SKUs. The standard game ($59.99), the Limited Edition ($79.99), and the Legendary Edition ($149.99).  You can find all the details of each edition here.

After the jump, you can find some of the special armor you can get via special vouchers. The Elite armor comes via the Limited-Edition, the flaming helmet comes via the Legendary Edition, and the Spartan Recon Helmet is obtainable via pre-ordering.

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