Hydro Thunder Hurricane Screen Shots and Mode Details

Hydro Thunder Hurricane at its core is a racing game, but what about all the other fancy modes it will offer? Today Vector Unit detailed three of the new modes including Ring Master, Gauntlet, and Leaderboard Opponents.

Ring Master will test players precision as they maneuver through the course. The mode requires players to pass through rings. The rings range anywhere from large to incredibly small depending on the difficulty setting.  This mode sounds to be one of the most robust with three ring path variations for each of the eight tracks.

Gauntlet has players racing through a course as fast as possible. The twist? Explosive barrels are littered about in the water. Players have to dodge these barrels or jump over them using the boost jump.

Finally, Leaderboard Opponents is a time trial mode where players times are compared to other records. At each checkpoint, players will be updated on where they stand compared to the current record.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is set to cool you off exclusively on XBLA this Summer. You can check out some new screens after the jump.

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  1. Oh wow, I remember playing the first game in the arcade and N64. Now they have an awesome looking sequel. Too bad I don’t have an XBOX. 🙁

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