Portuguese Magazine Probably Teasing InFAMOUS 2

Official PlayStation Magazine in Portugal is teasing “the announcement of a great PlayStation 3 exclusive.” Above the text they show the eyes of, what appear to be, the main character of InFAMOUS, Cole MacGrath, which you can check out after the jump.

It is probably InFAMOUS 2, especially since  Sony recently registered a domain name for the title.  I think at this point, the game is pretty much confirmed. We can probably expect to see something at E3.

(Source: Scrawlfx)

One thought on “Portuguese Magazine Probably Teasing InFAMOUS 2”

  1. Yep, it’s pretty much confirmed. Could’ve done with a better tease though. How about just the blue and red lightning bolts instead of the obviousness that is Cole’s eyes, especially with that art style? Anyway, I’m looking forward to inFamous 2. I enjoyed the first inFamous. One of the better sandbox games I’ve played. Ultimate Spider-Man was the last good sandbox I remember playing before inFamous, so I definitely can’t wait for this.

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