Miyamoto Pondering Over Wii Music 2

In an interview with Edge Magazine, Miyamoto revealed that he hasn’t given up hope on the concept of WiiMusic. The original title wasn’t very well received upon launch and faded away fairly quickly compared to other Wii titles like WiiFit, WiiPlay and WiiSports Resort.

Miyamoto believes by “tweaking” the formula the series could find great success in the future. Right now, he isn’t sure if the project will surface or how it will surface. He even mentions the possibility of including it in a different game.

Despite being considered a poor seller, Wii Music still sold around 3 million units according to VGChartz. That is hardly a number to scoff at. Maybe in the future we will be seeing WiiMusic: Resurrection!

(Via: CVG)

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  1. If you can fix it go ahead. But please no more nursery rhymes or songs my parents listened to. And maybe some depth in the experience instead of just shaking your hands?

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