More Killzone 3 Details and Screenshots

Killzone 3 was announced a few days ago. While the details were scarce, only detailing 3D support, snow, and jetpacks, we now have a few more details relating to the title. Although they are just minor details.

First of all, there will be new melee attacks. They weren’t exactly detailed, but it sounds like the attacks might be something special like the take-downs in Halo: Reach (I’m just guessing on that).  And they detailed the jetpacks saying that you can only use them as  slight boosts in the air. After 2 uses, you have to land on the ground before you can use another boost.

As for level design, the team said they are trying to stray away from corridors. Thanks to this, the title will have more wide open environments.

After the jump you can find 3 new screens. Every single one features snow.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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