More Little Big Planet 2 Details; New Screen Shots and Art

If you missed it, Little Big Planet 2 is on the way to PlayStation 3 this Winter! With all new customizable genres and enemies, what more could they add?

To help give better support to specific levels in the game, players can choose to add a variety of factors that wouldn’t have been available in the first game. Players can add life meters, scoring, and to further customize their levels.

Players can also use the all new sack bots, which can be found after the jump, that act as interactive programmable characters. These bots allow users to record animations and voice overs. You can customize both their size and clothing for each individual bot, or for a group of bots.

Last, but not least, if you thought all your work would disappear with the original Little Big Planet,  you would be wrong. All the levels from Little Big Planet will be 100% compatible with the sequel. So you can still play your favorite levels from the original in Little Big Planet 2.

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