More Pokemon Black & White Gameplay (Update)

While it is somewhat low quality, after the jump you can find footage from the latest Pokemon Sunday. They covered a lot of old information on Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, but they did include some new gameplay that consisted of the starter pokemon fighting each other.

Unfortunately, there is no walking left to be seen. I wonder if that feature was taken out of the game?

Update: More gameplay added.

(Source: Bulbanews)
(Update Source: GoNintendo)
Thanks Localretard! <3

Gameplay starts at 2:40


Oh, hey look — walking down.

10 thoughts on “More Pokemon Black & White Gameplay (Update)”

  1. I still don’t see how gigantic 3D environments and sprites for characters will look good. But oh well, I’m sure it will be just fine.

    Games are looking good. I wonder what the 3rd game in the generation will be. Pokemon Grey?

  2. i really like how the sprites of the Pokemon move instead of just a 2 second animation during the cry shows there putting alot of effort into the game

  3. No walking left to be seen? If you mean walking around the outside of the city in the first footage, it’s probably still there. This shows walking into the inside of the city because in the first footage it showed dark alleys and they are now showing whats in there. I love how the characters move out of your way as you walk and love the new battling system. These games aqre going to be amazing!

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