More Zelda Wii Rumors

It has been awhile, but a good bit of Zelda Wii rumors that are “leaked” have arisen. The rumors come from 2ch which has had some luck in the past with leaks, but just as many, if not more, phonies. Anyways, onto the details.

A good bit of the rumors pertain to Link’s arsenal of weapons.  Link now has a new sword that isn’t the Master Sword that can help him travel through time. Link’s bow is also getting the swap for a crossbow.

The team is straying away from the  “more items the better” formula, and instead focusing on having new creative ways of using old items. But for combat, sub weapons are being thrown in the back seat. The rumors detail the combat system as being heavily sword based. But a new alternative weapon Link can use will change up his combat style from the typical sword combat.

Rumors for details outside of combats say that there will be more character interaction, and there will be some Majoras Mask style side quests found throught Link’s adventure. Link’s starting home town is also supposedly going to be much bigger in this title then in any other title before it.

According to the leaker, the game is pretty much done. The development team is currently focusing on polishing the game up and creating a playable demo for E3.

And if it matters to you, the girl’s current name is supposedly “Adelle.”

Again, all rumors. We will find out if the rumors are true when we see Zelda Wii at this upcoming E3.

Also, E3 2009 art again.

(via: Zeldainformer)

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  1. If my guess is correct. The girl will be your helper through out the game like Midna was but near the end she will sacrifice herself to infuse your sword with her power, thus creating the master sword. 😛

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