Mother Marathon wrap up

Whew, I’m beat!

What an awesome marathon. You guys pushed us over our goal raising,to this point,Β  $10, 675 in just 48 hours, FANTASTIC. If you would like to continue to chat with other community members and SpeedGamers, be sure to sign up to the forums,

A big thanks to Fangamer. Over $1,800 of the donation amount was from their shirt sales. Also, thank you ProtonJon and ChuggaaConroy once again for letting us share their fans for our events and also their time. Last, but not least, thanks to Good old Games and everyone else who sent in prizes to give away during the marathon. We never would have met our goal without your help.

Now we look forward to our week long Mario Marathon, June 11-18th for ACT Today. It promises to be a great one with the likes of Steve Wiebe, ChuggaaConroy and Kari “Essentia Johnson” all set to play in the marathon.

For a full game list and more details, check back tomorrow!

26 thoughts on “Mother Marathon wrap up”

  1. Wonderful marathon guys despite the constant technical difficulties. I’m so glad we made our goal and helped raise so much money! I also love the new page layout πŸ˜€

  2. Great marathon, met our goal and beat it, we had a fun time and fought against technical difficulties and best of all, our community came together once again for a great cause. Next marathon may be a month away, but our community members have their own marathons and along with the site updates and forums, everyone should be taken care of. πŸ™‚

  3. Rob, you really wrapped up that marathon in a memorable and surreal way πŸ˜› Whether you intended to or not!
    1) Your singing actually BROKE the audio
    2) That phone call with your dad was like 10 seconds out of the movie Psycho
    3) The transition into Chugga’s videos glitched the video like crraaazzyy, we had creepy infinite visuals going on out of nowhere, random sounds from Chugga coming in, a scene of what looked like a monster’s intestine– all with no warning whatsoever
    In slightly less surreal notes, you rang in the goal nicely with all the odd talk about jello and foil and such, and your backflip attempt and air (keyboard) guitaring Final Countdown fit you really well too πŸ˜› Also looking forward to the “barrel roll race”? by the ninja πŸ˜›

  4. Super Dooper Marathon once again you guys! Thanks again for everyone who watched, donated, promoted, gamed, commentated, and moderated. Im really excited for Mario, especially how much money we raised this time. πŸ˜€

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