New Force Unleashed 2. Trailer.

The sequel to the critically ill received Star Wars game The Force Unleashed gets another trailer.  I never got around to unleashing the force but I hear it was alright if you are a Star Wars fan. I am a Star Wars fan, but I have always preferred the dog fighting games to the light saber game. Except for of course Knights of the Old Republic.

I don’t really know much about the first one but all the clues in this trailer tell me you are playing as a clone. Also maybe you get trained by Yoda at some point.

One thought on “New Force Unleashed 2. Trailer.”

  1. I better be able to create a force storm, ’cause if I can’t, alot of stormtroopers are gonna have a really bad day. And if that don’t sound threatnin’, well just ask all the dead stormtroopers from the last game how their day was. 😉

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