Pac-Man Getting Revamped Design At E3?

Apparently multiple press outlets have been receiving a lovely picture, which you can check out after the jump, teasing a new design for Pac-Man for his 30th anniversary.

Pac-Man is far from the character he was in the 1980’s, but the titles he shows up in today tend to be half decent at least and he proves to be one of the more recognizable video game characters.

They need to let Square-Enix’s Nomura redesign him.  I’d be scared to see the results. Or give him eye patches.

(Source: GoNintendo)

3 thoughts on “Pac-Man Getting Revamped Design At E3?”

  1. But hes THE Pacman, you don’t mess with the pacman, cause ya know….hes pacman. Don’t ruin pacman, ooh i know pacman ain’t gonna like this one pixelated bit.

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