Pokemon Black and White coming to the U.S. in Spring of 2011

The recently revealed 5th generation Pokemon game now has a release window.

Alongside the announcement they showed the two legendary Pokemon tied to the different versions. Zekrom and Reshiram.

So far we haven’t seen much besides the starter Pokemon, and some walking. It looks interesting and I like that they are adding some much needed detail into the battle screen.

I am in no way an expert on anything pokemon so I will just leave you with this picture and let you do with it what you want to.

(source: 1up)

(Image courtesy of 1up)

13 thoughts on “Pokemon Black and White coming to the U.S. in Spring of 2011”

  1. I’m impressed with the new Legendaries. They both look amazing! Can’t wait to find out more info on them. But it has been confirmed that the names Reshimram and Zekerom will be there names in both the English version as well as the German version.

  2. My dear friends, there is no pokemon god, only digimon pretenders. CURSE YOU GAMEFREAK, THOSE AREN’T POKEMON!!! Please pay no attention to my little outburst, the game looks amazing, can’t wait, but those legendaries do look like digimon in their ultra states.

  3. I like what they did with the box arts with the different colored pokemon on different versions. A very nice look.

    Also, Spring 2011 release for Europe too, but I think that’s a given.

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