Pokemon Black and White to Feature DSi Enhancements; “New” Footage

Nintendo almost always releases two versions of Pokemon simultaneously. Aside from a handful of minor differences, the games are almost identical. Pokemon Black and White will be no different, but it sounds like something special might be in store.

The Japanese Pokemon website listed the typical different pokemon and encounter rate style changes, but also said “There is another big version difference as well, which we will reveal later!” What could that difference be? Only Nintendo and Gamefreak knows.

The box arts were also revealed, which you can check out after the jump. While the boxs are quite fancy in themselves, they did suggest that the game will have DSi specific features. The product number included “TWL” which indicates a DSi enhanced title. Normal DS games have “NTR” instead.  So it sounds like DSi owners might get a little extra treat in the title.

Also, after the jump, you can find some “new” Pokemon Black and White footage, but its pretty much everything we have seen before. Walking left, Pokemon one-shoting each other, etc.

(Translation Source: Pokebeach)

(Footage Via: GoNintendo)

(Boxart Source: Pokebeach)

8 thoughts on “Pokemon Black and White to Feature DSi Enhancements; “New” Footage”

  1. Nice gameplay, trying to get a closer feel to the console games i see. I just wonder how grass mechanics will work now that you ain’t exactly tied down by square movement tiles.

  2. It is the same thing we’ve seen before, but without all the screaming people. And I’ve noticed that the battle music changes each time they show it. Is it because it’s a wild and trainer battle or does it really change each time?

    1. I think that would be pretty cool. While I’ve always admired the Pokémon music, the battles do get a tad repetitive after the 412 bajillionth time. A different song each time would be neat, even if it was only like 3.

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