Pokemon Black & White Starters Revealed

Get ready for some semi old pasta! The stater Pokemon for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White have been revealed via leaked CoroCoro magazine scans.

There have been very few details confirmed from the article so far. But we do know that the title is going to take place in the Isshu Region, and that the protagonists will be older than in previous titles.

Now for the unconfirmed details. The Japanese names are listed for the starter Pokemon: Tsutaja, a grass snake, Pokabu, a fire pig, and Mijumaru, a water sea otter.

Other unconfirmed details include three new moves: Trickery, an attack calculated by enemy stats, Claw Sharpen, increases Pokemon’s accuracy and attack, and Illusion, which seems to be similar to Ditto’s transform.

You can check out the full leaked scans after the jump.

But just a moment! Also draw your attention to the lovely art Anatotitan did for the reveals. A fine wall paper for a fine reveal.

‘Kay, now hit the jump.

(Details Source: Serebrii)
Thanks WiiFanBoy!

(Scans Source: GoNintendo)

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