16 thoughts on “Psychoblog 5-17-10”

  1. Well the legal issue sucks, but I’m glad you’re still working on ways to keep being awesome and bringing entertainment with a spin that I haven’t seen in other internet shows. You have my support Mark!

  2. Aw, that sucks, dude..it can’t be easy putting all that time and effort into creating something only to have someone snatch it away like that. You’ve definitely got our support, though, and we know you’ll be back with something better than ever! In the meantime, have fun at Fanime! I’ve heard that thing is monstrous.

  3. Damn. That’s a kick in the groin. But surely you can come up stronger!! Keep up the good fight psychotaku!!!

    arg. If only I didnt have so much school stuff coming up I woulda considered heading to San Joser for that weekend :/

  4. D: Well as sad as this may be, it just means that our japanese friend will become more of tsg’s psyhotaku then what he originally was. Lookin forward to the revamp. 🙂

  5. Why does it have to be that all of the animé events I actually want to go to are in America?

    And it’s a shame to hear about the whole Legal issue thing.

  6. Oh man that sucks big time! but as everyone already says we’re on your side Pisayko. I’m sure whatever happens you’ll comeback bigger and better! Now go and kick that legal issue and sucky former employer on their… oshiri! >)

  7. I knew it! I knew there would be trouble when that guy posted that video from Anime TV and refered to Otaku Otoku as Psychotaku under a different name.

    This kind of nonsence has been going around alot lately. I guess it means “New Media” has fully arrived as a valid media form when the lawsuits starts flying.

    Someone tried to pull a similar stunt with Philip DeFranco last month. He had to stop using the name he’d been using for his show beacuse someone claimed they owned the right to sell advertizing on his YouTube Channel. Less than three weeks later he’s back to calling by that name, presumable beacuse he won the lawsuit.

    Anywho, good luck, look foward to see the reinvention.

    1. According to Psykoneku in the related forum posting, her character, the blue guy, and Failure Freddy (hehehe) are new characters, which means they should be free and clear.

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