14 thoughts on “Rob’s top 10 superhero movies”

  1. “Looks like I’ve gotta go” Nice πŸ˜› Some witty commentary on the vids as well. Good job with it
    I haven’t seen Sin City, didn’t know if it was superhero or comic book related or what, but want to see it now. I liked some of the animated superhero movies like Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Batman: Gotham Knight (or whichever that was with the animated shorts), and Planet Hulk, but I know you weren’t covering those per se in this list (+ they were DVD-only).
    A couple little technical aspects that might make the next one even more pro: The lightning on the first scene made your face not seeable (at least with my monitor’s lightning) though I know you re-recorded this and it was probably more like the outro on the first recording πŸ˜› Also, maybe having the movie clip’s volume at around 1/3 with a little better quality audio for your voiceovers if possible would make it seem even a little more pro as well. (For a TSG feature though, the production on this is already a pretty big deal :P) And it gets people thinking about what they haven’t checked out yet.

  2. Rob that was a really good video, great job. It was and awesome list. I’ll be looking forward to the next one. To bad you couldn’t find any clips of Spider Man though that movie defiantly should of made the list. Great job!

  3. Thanks for the constructive criticism Psycrow, ya this one was kinda rushed I was faced with the decision to either put it out or mess with it some more and perfect it and decided it would be best just to put it out. But no need to worry the next one is already under works and it will be much better quality, I promise you wont be disappointed πŸ™‚

  4. Great job Rob <3 I liked a lot of the movies on your list. I was given Sin City for Christmas like 2 years ago and have yet to watch it x3 Maybe some day. Glad to see Watchmen was high on the list too.

  5. This was a good first top ten rob. I’ll agree with the lighting and audio problems, but like you said, you should take your time with it. Don’t rush and you’ll be golden πŸ˜‰ But one small gripe is, and yes i know this is your perosnal opinion, but i wish you had included the original superman movie with christopher reeves. I was just kinda hoping you would pay homage to the movie that made comic book superheroes good for the masses and hollywood, but other than that, awesome job.

    1. Thanks Everybody for your comments, Glad to see you enjoyed the list πŸ™‚ and ya Godzilla145 I was going for more modern super hero movies because if I felt that they would be more relatable then say the old batman or superman movies.(Which I love btw) I just did not feel they had a place on this list the way it was. Maybe I will do a retro Super Hero movie list sometime in the future. πŸ™‚

  6. That was a very high quality video Rob, it was very well presented.
    The only complaint I have, is that the your voice was a bit lower than the rest of the video.

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