Rumor: Possible 3DS Testing Board Reveals Features

The FCC may have leaked our first glimpse at the 3DS…sort of…

An image was found under the filing “Nintendo DS CTR Target Board”. It appears to be a board for testing. While the Nintendo DS portion of the title may quickly make you brush it off as a normal DS, Gaming Usagi pointed out a few features on the board that are worth mentioning. Some of the features point to this being a testing board for a 3DS.

(you can follow along via the image after the jump.)

One of the most obvious items is a wide screen display for the top screen. The Nintendo DS systems have two 4:3 screens, but this one has one 4:3 and one wide screen.

Another notable item on the board is that there appears to be a PSP-like analog nub on the bottom center of the board. Previous reports said that the Nintendo 3DS features analog controls.

There are some, more minor, details that you can check out over at Gaming Usagi.

Keep in mind, this is just a testing board. So if it is a 3DS testing board, it in no way represents the shape or layout of the system. It is not designed for convenient consumer use.

You can check out the board after the jump.

(Via: GoNintendo)

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  1. I don’t think Nintendo has used testing boards for the DS for years – ever since launch, development has happened on a blue-box dev kit. Also, the DS testing board only had a single screen, oddly enough.

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