Rumor: More Premium PSN Details

After VG247’s reports, Joystiq went digging for some details on a possible subscription based PSN service. They found more evidence of its existence with a inside sources confirming that the service is in the pipeline, and some new details regarding the service.

Again, these details are all rumors. But according to Joystiq’s sources, the service will be attached to a name called PSN+. While the launch date and the price are unknown, the source speculated a possible $9.99 price point per month.

What will you get for your possible $9.99?

The service will offer a rotating list of free PSP minis and PSone Classics. So if you have the service, you will be able to play those titles for free as long as they are currently offered as free. After that period has passed, you will have to buy the title to play it or wait for it to come into rotation again.

PSN+ users will also be able to get exclusive discounts for the PlayStation store not found by normal PSN users. As for retail games, players will be able to download “First Hour” demos that, well do what they are titled, let you play the first hour of a game.

PSN+ will also add a variety of features including cross game voice chat, a cloud-based saving system, and a feature called “auto-patch,” which patches your most recently played games automatically.

Again, these are all rumors. But according to the last source, the plan is set to be revealed at E3 and be a big part of the keynote. So we will find out soon enough if the service is really on the way.

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