Rumor: Natal Available in White; Sweedish Retailers List Natal as 1,499 SEK ($200)

Today we have a somewhat good rumor and a pretty bad rumor.

We will start with the good rumor. Recently on a German news station, a reporter got a chance to demo Project Natal. In report, a white Natal is pictured

Is this a second color to match all those original white 360s? Could be. Or it could simply be a prototype system. Kotaku questioned Microsoft about the possibility of the second color, but they replied saying that the specific Natal used was a prototype. But of course, you always have to consider that Microsoft may be trying to cover their tracks.

And now for the bad rumor. Three different Swedish retailers opened up listings for Natal on their website. All of the listings held a 1,499 SEK price point, or around $200 USD.  That is quite the bite to the pocket. Microsoft says these retailer’s pricing are purely speculation.

We had another pricing rumor from MCV in the past which listed Natal ranging anywhere from $50-$80. I’m probably going to lean more with MCV on this one, especially since they have quite the track record for rumors.

I’m sure by E3 everything will be cleared up.

(White Source: Kotaku)
(Pricing Source: Kotaku)

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  1. Well considering the facts that prices in Sweden are generally somewhat high(a $40 game will most likely be sold at about $70 here), and that about $40 of those $200 are taxes these news aren’t really that alarming for the people of North America..

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