Rumor: PlayStation Portable 2 Appearing at E3

MCV is the power house of rumors, but most of them are actually right on.

This time around MCV UK wasn’t contacted by an inside source of any kind, but they did hit a interesting string among Publishers. When questioning them, publishers would not comment on future PlayStation Portable plans. One publisher said that they could not speak about future plans until the platform holder reveals its plans. Which might point to something big coming for the PlayStation Portable line.

No one comes out to say anything about mentioning any new hardware, but MCV made the connection that this might be related to the upcoming successor to the PlayStation Portable. This is all speculation on MCV’s part, but it sounds fairly probable.

With the 3DS being revealed at E3, a announcement of a PSP 2 might make for an interesting turn of events.

We will have to wait until June 15th to find out exactly what Sony has up its sleeves for E3. .

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  1. PSP2, as long as it’s not another PSP1 remodel, like PSP Go, will sell out. I mean, better graphics on handhelds is what I always want. Give me a Xbox or PS2 quality game on a portable system and I’ll be extremely happy. The system will need two joysticks, though.

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