Rumor: Premium PSN Plan to be Revealed at E3

VG247, who also dug up some rumored information on a PlayStation Portable 2, discovered from a “highly-placed source” that Sony will be revealing a premium plan for PlayStation Network at E3.

The source didn’t talk much in terms of details, but he did list a few examples of premium service, such as streaming songs while playing other titles and getting a free PSN title every month from a selection of titles. Of course, there will be more features the premium service will offer.

According to the source, they plan on charging somewhere under £50, or around $70 USD, a year for this Premium service.

One point the source pushed though was that the addition of a premium service will not effect the current free services and users. “There’s nothing in the premium package which will gimp regular PSN users“, the unknown source said.

Also worth mentioning is that the source said that both the premium service of PSN and the PlayStation Move will be the spotlight of the show. Hence why other sources are saying the rumored PlayStation Portable 2 will be pushed back for a Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show announcement.

Sony in the past has talked about subscription fees, so this rumor doesn’t seem that unlikely. We will have to wait till E3 to get the final answer.

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