Rumor: PSP2 Details; 99% Chance of Not Appearing at E3

After the PSP2 rumor, VG247 did some digging. Apparently they found a gold mine of developer rumors and gossip. Keep in mind, everything listed below is currently a rumor and comes from multiple anonymous sources. It is hard to say the credibility of each source.

Firs,t let’s talk the actual hardware. According to anonymous sources, the PlayStation Portable 2 will feature a touch screen like the Nintendo DS and iPhone. But as with the Nintendo DS, the PlayStation Portable will still retain physical buttons.

The source also says that the PlayStation Portable will feature two cameras. One facing towards the player, and one facing away. Probably similar to the Nintendo DSi’s and the new model iPhone’s set up.

But what about visuals? according to one developer the system is “f***ing powerful,” running off a four-core cell CPU. One source also mentioned the possibility of the platform being 3G enabled, but it seemed to be more speculation then fact… or as factitious as rumors get.

It seems multiple British gaming companies are under non-disclosure agreements for the PSP2. Some of these developers are already working on PSP2 titles.

So when should be seeing PSP2? At E3? Once again, according to anonymous sources — No. The sources say that there is a 99% chance that the system will not be at E3 2010. Instead, they believe that it will be announced at games com or Tokyo Game Show (probably TGS).

According to the sources, PlayStation Portable 2 is due out Early 2011. Again, keep in mind all of these details are rumors. Sony hasn’t even announced a PlayStation Portable 2 yet. But it is looking about time that we move on from the original PSP, especially with the 3DS on the horizon.

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