Rumor: Raven Software Pulled From Current Projects to Work on Call of Duty Franchise

It seems Activision may be recruiting another team to work on the Call of Duty franchise. According to one of Kotaku’s inside sources, the team has been pulled from working on new iterations of the 007 James Bond series and a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine to help power the massive franchise.

Although it may not be as big of a project as we might expect. Joystiq talked an inside source who said that the team is simply developing  Black Op’s DLC map packs.

As of right now, Treyarch is currently working on Black Ops which is set for November 9th, while Sledge Hammer Games is working on a new direction for the series. Infinity Ward, despite most of their man power and talent missing, are currently pushing out a new map pack and starting development on another entry in the series.

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