Rumor: Sonic Colors Details

These Sonic Colors details supposedly come from the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

First up, there are going to be a wide variety of zones that may have seemed a bit out of place in other Sonic games. For example, Sweet Mountain is a mountain of pastries Sonic races through. Other rumored zones include a tropical reservoir zone, and another zone with giant hamburgers and bouncy jello.

As for gameplay, the Wii version is going to be similar to the daytime levels of Sonic Unleashed where players switch between 3D and 2D gameplay. 3D gameplay focuses more on speed and getting from A to B, while 2D is more focuses more on platforming.

The DS version is rumored to be incredibly similar to the Sonic Rush series – even including the tension gauge.

Apparently the story of the game is ment to be very lighthearted. As for side characters, players can expect to see Tails, as we saw via the trailer, but not in playable form. It also seems there is a possibility Knuckles and/or Shadow may appear in some form.

All of these details are unconfirmed. but if you pick up the latest Nintendo Power, you may, or may not, see this information in there.

Sonic Colors is planned for a Holiday 2010 release on both DS and Wii.

(Source: GoNintendo)

7 thoughts on “Rumor: Sonic Colors Details”

    1. Yeah… I was never a fan of the Daytime levels in Sonic Unleashed… too gimmicky with it’s time trials and ring challenges – and the way they structured them they made no sense as far as continuity goes.

  1. Heck, if its like the daytime stages in Unleashed, I’m game for it. So long as they keep away from the ring and time challenges. I am a bit curious as to how the odd stages will work out, though. Hopefully it turns out to be a good game.

  2. I always wondered what a candy land will be like in a sonic game, now i know its going to be disgustingly delicious. But we shall see, do not judge a book by its cover, until ya opened its first couple of pages.

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