Rumor: White Knight Chronicles 2 to Include the Original; New Trailer

Level 5 announced today that White Knight Chronicles 2 will be launching July 8th in Japan and launched a new trailer with it. You can find the trailer after the jump.

But there is some more interesting news floating around. According to two Japanese retail listings, White Knight Chronicles 2 will include the original White Knight Chronicles. One of the retailers said that the original will also see enhancements — kicking both the graphics and combat system up to the same level of polish as White Knight Chronicles 2.

Quite the deal! And I’m sure anyone who missed out on the first would definitely appreciate being able to get up to speed with the original.

Currently there is no set release date for White Knight Chronicles 2 outside of Japan.

(WKC Details Source: andriasang)
(Trailer Source: andriasang)

One thought on “Rumor: White Knight Chronicles 2 to Include the Original; New Trailer”

  1. As a purchaser of WKC1 when it came out stateside, having both in one package does sound pretty cool, though it also sounds like a kick in the teeth for early adopters of the series. Oh well, if 2 DOES include 1 then I could always just use 1 as trade fodder for 2.

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