SEGA Announces Sonic Colors; Due Out Holiday 2010

Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight launched quite some time ago. Its about time for a new full retail title — that new one being Sonic Colors for both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii!

From the trailer and name you might think it was some kind of Sonic Tetris spin off, but it is actually a full action adventure game.  Colors refer to an alien race that Dr. Eggman has captured in his flying evil death amusement park.

Players will race through amusement park themed stages using both 3D and 2D gameplay styles. As Sonic saves aliens, he gains special powers from them that he can use. Some of the examples was using one as a drill to open a new path, or changing Sonic into a laser beam to speed through stages. You can combine moves to increase Sonic’s “Boost Gauge”

Both the DS and Wii version will have exclusive power ups you can’t find on the other platform. So if you want to check out all the power ups for yourself, you will have to buy both games. In general they will probably be pretty different games.

Sonic Colors is set for a Holiday 2010 release. Cutting it a little close to Sonic 4’s late 2010 release window in my opinion, but I guess the last set of Sonic games pretty much launched side by side as well and performed well on the market.

You can check out a trailer after the jump and some “screenshots” which are basically just trailer grabs from the trailer.

(Source: Sega America Blog)

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