Sketchin’!! – Culex

Oh boy! The Mario marathon is drawing ever closer, so I’ve been in a Mario mood. And now for one of the most annoying bosses in Mario history!

But his overworld sprite was so cute! D:

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5 thoughts on “Sketchin’!! – Culex”

  1. Alas, like most enemies of RPGs of that era, he tended to grow considerably in size once you entered battle with him, and then shrink immediately after victory was obtained. I’m STILL confused as to how I managed to fight an enormous hand-drawn Ice Sasquatch and then end up getting a same-sized Umaro sprite after I was done.

    Speaking of FFVI: Purple skin? A pair of apparently superfluous wings? What can only be described as a rather bleak view of mankind? Your art has opened my mind to the ghastly possibility that Culex could be a prototype for everyone’s favorite Two-Winged-Angel, Kefka’s final form! :O

    In addition to that shocking eye-opener, it’s an excellently crafted piece of one of the great moments of gaming. Really superb job, I must say!

    1. Um, switch around Culex’s and Kefka’s role in that second paragraph. SMRPG was released 2 years after FFVI, I don’t know what I was thinking 😡

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