Surprise! Sledgehammer Game’s Call of Duty Title is a First Person Shooter

A Call of Duty first person shooter? Get out of town! Sledge Hammer Games, who was reportedly working on a Call of Duty game in a different genre than the first person shooter, is hiring to work on a “Call of Duty FPS” project.

It is kind of disappointing to not see the series try a new direction, but this could be because Infinity Ward has, pretty much, crumbled. Without another developer, there won’t be a Call of Duty ready for next year unless Activision has already filled all the positions at Infinity Ward already.

We will probably have to wait till next year to see if Infinity Ward will have anything for us, and to see what exactly Sledgehammer Games will have in store for us.

In the mean time, hooray Treyarch for still being fully intact.

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