Third Professor Layton Title Might Be Heading West

Every time I post Professor Layton stories, it reminds me of how far behind we are. Japan is getting the sixth game later this year. North America and Europe only has two entries.

Level-5 recently trade marked the title Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. According to Siliconera who found the listing, the third title deals with time travel. So this title right here probably points to an English localization of the game.

I really have no idea what Nintendo plans on doing with this series. With 3DS coming out, most likely, later this year, time is ticking on the localization of the last three titles. I’m sure the DS will have plenty of life left in it after the 3DS launch, but I’m just curious if there will be enough to warrant three more Professor Layton games.

Hopefully at E3 we will get the official word on the third title being localized

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  1. Yes! I’ve been wanting to hear news about a new Professor Layton game for a while now.. I truly hope that they eventually will release all six games in english..

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