17 thoughts on “Vlog 4-30-10 “It’s Friday night..this is cow we do it””

  1. has it been 5 years lol since route tsg hahah

    but yeah…

    I am Dr. mario and I am saving lives…I wanna help tsg, haha tyler funny lol

    iono i was bored there but yeah…

    did britt just say dizzle? XD

  2. “Oh I think that’s her twitter. His twitter. Whoever’s twitter.”

    Haha, yeah, turbo_cow is my twitter. And I’m female, but don’t worry, Gwellin thinks I’m a man too. I’m used to it.

    Nice vlog title, btw.

    1. You’re welcome for the title. 🙂

      Also, you’ll be disappointed to know (or maybe thrilled) that there is scene of me smacking my behind that, unfotunately, did not make the final product.

  3. It’s nice to have things to look forward to like the Podcasts and Route TSG’s. I’m really excited for the Earthbound marathon it should be awesome! Great Vlog Britt and Tyler. Oh, and the Halo Reach beta is going to be awesome I can’t wait to play it in a couple of days.

  4. LMAO wth? I guess I wasn’t the only one to go to the dentist yesterday, huh? craziest vlog ever!

    Tyler, love that t-shirt! LEGIT! *__*

    Britt, I give you 100 bucks if you can take Chase away from the video game now! lmao i bet you can’t.

    lol, you guys are funny, great vlog! See yall in the marathon! yay~ ^^

  5. do i have to wait till monday because unlike chase i’m not that ugly i mean lucky to play early but yah chase and tyler i have heard that it’s lke call of duty match types in lieka hlo game also in the vlog you should’ve mentioned about the call of duty black ops trailer released

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