12 thoughts on “Vlog 5-1-10 “Good Old Games””

  1. Happy bdays, and rob you made me sad with that cinco de mayo reference. Also I think you should a small demnostration of that quiz thing, ya know for those of us who don’t understand….. like me >.>

    1. its pretty easy, you follow thespeedgamers on twitter. at some point we will twitter out the questions. then you tweet #thespeedgamers and your answer to the questions. if you answered correctly you will be in the drawing for a code.

      anybody can enter but only 1 code per winner so if you won one already you can’t enter the contest for the next one.

    1. just because you can download it for “free” doesn’t mean it is free. Bethesda owns the license for fallout and the game has not been released as opensource like beneath a steel sky or lure of temptress witch can be found on gog.com and download for free.

      1. Now that Bethesda owns the license, but before on the Fallout websites they were free. If we were talking about games for download we could say any game, because there are torrents and newsgroups.

  2. arob on wednesday um yah britt i don’t think we wanna see rob take a bath well maybe chase does but thats a different story for a different time

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