23 thoughts on “Vlog 5-11-10 “Thanks Kairamek!””

  1. I can’t wait for the Mario Marathon! If I won a Blue Yoshi or a Luigi hat, I’d be like the happiest person in the world. Hope I have a job by then. I’ll still donate, but if I have a job, I’ll be able to donate more. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Funny story about these. I was looking for Mario hats to send in and I found this website with alot of Mario swap. Looking around the site I found a 16 piece figure set and said to myself “Self,” cause that’s how I refer to myself. “Self, this would be an awesome grand prize.” So I put it in my cart.
    Then I thought, “That’s just one grand prize though. We need more prizes.” So looking around I found a set of 5 multi colored Yoshis and though that would be 5 good prizes, so Add To Cart.
    But then I thought “Green is Yoshi’s main color,” and I noticed the 5 figures had a ‘you’ll also like’ type link to plushies, so I ordered 2 green plushie Yoshi’s.
    At that moment I realized I was lacking Mario love, so I searched out and found the Mario figures from the grand prize set and ordered 2 of those.
    Then I thought “Luigi deserves better than this” and ordered 2 of the figures from that 16 piece set.
    Then I thought “Oh crap! I forgot to order hats!” so I added two Mario hats.
    Then I remembered Luigi from two paragraphs up, and ordered 2 Luigi hats.
    Then I noticed the shipping was over $110 and I realized if I wanted to be able to get the items here I’d better stop.

  3. Also, the 16 figure set that will most likely be given away as one massive price includes:
    Fire Mario
    Fire Luigi
    and Yoshi in Yellow, Red, Green, Pink, and Blue.

  4. Item 1# Happy b-days
    Item 2# My eyes went from -.- to O.O in 2 seconds flat
    Item 4#(I thought it would look cool if i skipped 3) Kairamek, you are teh awesomenest ๐Ÿ˜€

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