20 thoughts on “Vlog 5-16-10 “Smaaaash””

  1. looking good Brittain and Chase-kun! *____* *steals*

    marathons details makes me more and more excited for it! can’t wait!

    Hopefully my crappy internet will let me view the marathon this time! ¬¬”

  2. Very cool to keep the shirt up, and very cool of Fangamer to use their already impressive resources to help keep a flow of t-shirt revenue in your pockets. I do have to ask though, why no babyrib?

    Seriously though, I have another question on the schedual, are you guys playing loose or playing tight with it? For example: Phil takes right about 4hrs to do a 100% SM64 run. Are you going to schedual just 4 hrs, or 4.5hrs to give a little leeway for accidents and time to view the credits?

  3. Happy birthday, to the captain X3 Can’t wait for the mario shirt. This schedule thing is well, I’ll just let it play out so I can understand it better. I hear a slinky :O I don’t know about this simulcast thing. Lookin forward to it all though.

  4. That sounds like a really good idea for the Mario Marathon Britt! Awesome vlog as always, rocking Smaaaaash Shirts, Chase you seem a bit less emo with that shirt on but not to much πŸ˜›

  5. Britt for once you got the date right!
    Yesss I can still get a t-shirt.
    I can’t wait for the mario marathon… It’s going to be so awesome.
    If you guys could get E3 to team up with you guys, there would be so many viewers/donations.

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