Who Are These New Black & White Pokemon?

No one knows yet! Except Nintendo of course.

Pokemon Sunday revealed three new Pokemon, but only the silhouettes of them. These look like they might be the starter Pokemon, but who knows.

The Pokemon are set to be revealed in CoroCoro Magazine.Until then, all we can do is guess.

The bottom right one kind of looks like a beaver to me with too much fat around its neck. The top one looks like a pig with bunny ears. The bottom left one looks like a… Charmander with more curves?

Check out the full size image after the jump.

(Source: GoNintendo)

11 thoughts on “Who Are These New Black & White Pokemon?”

  1. the one on the right looks like a bidoof form xD it might be the water type the one in the top people are saying it might be a fire-pig lawl and the one on the left is a mystery grass @.@

  2. In every pokemon game I’ve ever played, I’ve always picked the Water starter. If the one on the right is the water starter, I will cut my wrists. The one on the left looks so cool.

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